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    hello satan thank you for the feel inducing gifset

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  • marshmallowcapaldi:

    In Deep Breath you can see Peter basically telling Jenna “I know I’m not Matt, I know it’s not easy for you but trust me please I’m good”
    The rest is history!

    I know Peter said that, but actually seeing it’s wonderful. It’s BREATHTAKING.

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  • peterichardferris:

    It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Deep Breath and I’ve already seen one person complain about Clara ‘whining’ about the Doctor’s regeneration. 

    The same person then went onto say that ‘Rose got over Nine so much quicker than Clara got over Eleven!’ 

    WOW! It’s almost as if different people have different reactions!

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  • multidimensionalwave:

    Steven Moffat: *makes a fuckton of misogynistic sexist jokes*

    Steven Moffat: *makes one misandrist sexist joke*

    Steven Moffat: See, girls? Now we’re even!

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